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The vineyard

The vineyards of Sancerre are about two hours from Paris.

There we find two grape varieties: Sauvignon Blanc for the AOC Sancerre Blanc (about 75% of the appellation), and Pinot Noir for the AOC Sancerre Rouge and Rosé.

They extend over an area of about 3,000 hectares. There are three key types of terroir in Sancerre:

Terroirs calcaires


Aged about 148 million years. Named ‘Les Caillottes’ (little stones), they are situated between the Marnes and Sancerre. The rock varies between a soft yellowish limestone and the more compact, whiter limestone. This terroir accounts for about 40% of the vineyards.

Terroirs marnes kimméridgiennes

Marnes (the White lands)

Aged about 145 million years, born in the Jurassic and Kimmeridgian period. The ‘White Earth’ is to be found more on the western side of Sancerre, and represents about 40% of the vineyards. Its composition alternates between layers of Marne (70% clay), and white limestone (30%).

Terroirs silex


Aged about 53 million years, the flint-clay soils are made up of flints, clay and clay conglomerates. The flint aids the continual re-heating of the vines, its formations run along the Loire, and culminate in the tops of the hills on the Eastern side of the appellation. This rock type represents about 15% of the domaine.

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